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My name is Nell Kokocinska


I come from Poznan, Poland. From childhood I have always responded to my creative sensibility.

I have worked in paint, graphics, interior design, and photography. I am a published poet and song writer, and have worked in the theatre.


I came to live in Scotland in 2005; at first in Dalbeattie and, since then, in Dumfries.


Photography is now my main means of artistic expression. My medium is predominately, but not exclusively, Black and White; and I primarily make portraits, and still life. Portraits are very important to me, as the face expresses all the wonder and intrigue of the human character. We say such a lot, with a look.

Still life allows me to explore the more abstract and complex elements of my true nature.

The shadow of a smile, or the shape of the light allow me to see and to show the artist that is me.


I am largely self-taught so, in order to develop and advance my technical knowledge, I attended the HNC Photography Course, at Dumfries College 2015-17. I learned a lot and, I believe this has been reflected in my more recent work.

 While on the course, some of my photographs were published in Dumfries And Galloway Life magazine.


In recent times, my photographs have been exhibited in Dumfries College, Edinburgh, and France in Laurent de la Cabrerisse. Also, I have printed cards of my most popular work, and these are on sale in various retail outlets.


Right now, I am working on an exhibition to be shown at a gallery in Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh, and I am looking to have further exhibitions, both locally and further afield.


Through photography, I continue to develop as an artist and a person. For me, these two can never be separated.


I hope that the work you see here brings you pleasure, perhaps makes you think, and reinforces your appreciation of the glory that is Nature.

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