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Nell Kokocinska from Poznan, Poland is a largely self-taught artist with experience in many media. Drawn to nature and emotional expression she uses her home studio to create abstract and still life photographs, capturing minute details and sharing deep emotions drawn from captivating pasts possessed by individuals she photographs in her portraits.

Her portraiture aims to share people’s unique personalities and drive to persevere even through difficult life circumstances that they’ve had to face, in part this gives her the deeper connection with her art that she needs in order to tell these stories with her images. Likewise, she links many of these experiences and emotions with her still life photographs to create impactful pictures and form emotional reactions in her viewers, often she will produce some pictures in a black and white format to calm the distraction of colour so that viewers of her work can find the smaller details she sees.

History to Date

The origins of her passion for creativity date back many years ago when as a hobby she took photos of family and friends in her spare time. While photography had not been her main form of expression at the time, she has a rich history of theatre involvement and song writing which she used to express herself by becoming a published poet. Her attention to detail and creativity also helped her in her professional life while she ran a graphic design business which specialised in signage and interior design.

Since then she has come to Scotland and spent time looking at global warming and ways for society to lead a greener life as well as undertaking a photography course to develop her technical skills for her photographs. During the course she had the opportunity to do a live photo shoot which led to her photographs being published in The Dumfries And Galloway Life magazine and her work can still be found displayed at the Dumfries and Galloway College.

Her first exhibition was at Qupi’s Café in Leith, Edinburgh which led to an art dealer taking notice of her photography. Her work is displayed in Laurent de la Cabrerisse, France. Her ‘Love OF Life’ exhibition was displayed in Ocean Terminal Art Gallery throughout September 2018 and then moved to The North Edinburgh Art Gallery in October 2018.

Now, in 2019 her art comes to The Nail Factory Gallery in Dalbeattie and will later be on display in Edinburgh,  in  The Leith Collective Gallery placed in Ocean Terminal throughout October 2019.  

In April 2020 her photographs were published in  


Autumn/Winter 2020/21 her pictures were published in


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